INTERSHORES I A Dormant Company Or Non-Commencement

 In certain circumstances, you may want to hold your Hong Kong private limited company sometimes.


Dormant Status

The Companies Ordinance allows an inactive Hong Kong private limited company to be maintained at a minimum cost  by passing relevant special resolution and delivery necessary documents to the Registrar, to declare as a “dormant” company.    A company is deemed to be “dormant” if it does not enter into a relevant “accounting transaction”and can exempt from the following statutory compliance:


1.    Filing of yearly Annual Return

2.    Preparation of Audited Accounts.

3.    However, the company has:

i.     To comply with law (other provisions in the Ordinance) e.g. to report the change of director(s)/secretary or their particulars.

ii.    To pay its yearly Business Registration fee.

iii.   To keep proper books of accounts.

iv.   To file its profits tax return when required by the Inland Revenue Department.



If the company has been incorporated for quite sometimes with no business activity, no bank account but it does not take an action to declare “dormant”, the company is considered as “non-commencement”.   For non-commencement,


1.    Annual Return has to be filed yearly.

2.    Annual Business Registration fee is still payable.

3.    A financial statements have to be prepared yearly even there is “no activity” as there should be formation expenses, annual government payment, etc.

4.    Audited accounts should not be needed but subject to the unique situation of the company.

5.    Profits tax return has to be filed when required by the Inland Revenue Department.


In summary, on short-term basis (say less than 2 to 3 years), it is recommended to have the company registered as dormant with minimum costs.


If the company may not be operated for more than 2-3 years and you do not want to support any costs, the best alternative is to deregister the company.


Need Assistance

INTERSHORES has over 20 years of corporate services experience and can assist you to apply for dormant  status.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at or by whasapp at (852) 6499 4686.


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