Banking Beyond Borders – Corporate Bank Account Without Physical Presence To Facilitate Your International Business


It's a pleasure that a well established bank in the reputable offshore jurisdiction Mauritius is happy to open corporate bank account for Russian who resides out of Russia.  The bank has its representative office approved by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority.


As a country, Mauritius offers a sophisticated, transparent and well regulated International Financial Center (IFC). The Mauritius IFC hosts a complete range of financial services and products such as treasury management centres, global funds & businesses, protected cell companies, family offices, trusts, securities market, and trading facilities.  It has built a strong international reputation as a well-regulated and business-friendly centre offering a low tax jurisdiction coupled with an extensive tax treaty network. Its ease of doing business ranking and stable governance creates the perfect business climate possible


Business account offered by the bank accepts  the following types of entities:

- Foreign incorporated entities

- Trusts

- Foundations

- Funds


The Competitive Advantages:

  1. Account opening in 48 Hours - Bank Accounts are opened within 48 hours provided that all account opening documents are received and in order.
  2. Dedicated Relationship Managers - Dedicated relationship managers are available 24/7 to help and guide the clients on their journey. The banking team is made of experienced staff with international banking background.
  3. International Bank Account - Bank accounts in all major currencies namely USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, AED, CAD, CHF, HKD, SGD, CNY, INR, JPY & ZAR. All correspondent banks are international banks.
  4. Service Delivery & Integrity – The banking team's goal is to deliver an excellent service and are committed to always do the right thing, no matter what the situation or potential gain involved.


Services Available

  1. Corporate bank account.    IBAN / Swift accounts are available.
  2. International Debit Cards. The bank currently offers MUR denominated debit cards linked to the foreign currency accounts.  They are: MasterCard Contactless Debit Card, UnionPay Classic, UnionPay Diamond Card.
  3. User friendly internet banking.  Free, secured and fully transactional Internet Banking facility.
  4. Attractive FX offerings.    Competitive rate for spot, forward and swaps in all major currencies l Highly remunerated fixed deposit in foreign currencies l Tailor-made products based on your needs.


Please contact us at (852) 6499 4686/ email at for more details on the banking services or organize a phone conference.


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