Marshall Islands Company

Uses & Advantages of a Marshall Company

Marshall's advantages

  • Offshore operations do not need to pay taxes and are not subject to foreign exchange regulations
  •  Shareholders and directors' information remains confidential
  • No  need to declare annual profits and financial status
  • No need to submit annual statements or audited accounts
  • Marshall company can be listed on the U.S. stock exchange


The "Marshall Islands Commercial Company Act" 1991 which governs companies registration belongs to the common law system. It is hybrid between British and American company law.


The Marshall Islands Commercial Company Act of the Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI) is similar to the corporate  legal system of the State of Delaware.


Since its implementation, the "Marshall Islands Commercial Company Law" is one of the most advanced laws and regulations in the world today. The "Marshall Islands Business Company Law" includes the Business Company Law (BCA), the Amended Partnership Law, the Limited Partnership (LP) Law

and the Limited Liability Company (LLC) Law.


Requirements for registering a Marshall company

Company name: It can end with "limited company", such as LIMITED, CORPORATION, INCORPORATED or their abbreviations, such as: LTD, CORP or INC.  Name restriction includes,  "trust company", "securities" or "bank" or other words that are considered to have similar meanings.


Director and shareholder: At least 1 director and shareholder. He can be a natural person or a corporate body of any nationality. Directors and shareholders can be the same person as well. 


Company secretary: The company secretary can be a natural person or a legal entity.


Registered address: The registered address must be located at the address of a local licensed registered agent.


Information required to register a Marshall company

  1.  Name of the company to be registered.
  2.  Determine the registered capital.
  3.  Provide certified passport copies of directors and shareholders.
  4. Provide certified proof of the addresses of directors and shareholders(the proof must be issued within 3 months and in English or Emglish translation).


Uses of Marshall Company

  1. Holding co: its one of the cost effective jurisdiction to be a holding co. 
  2.  Joint venture: it is neutral and can be jointly operated by directqors fqroqqm  qdiffereqnt nqationalities. The legal system and company law are internationally recognized. 
  3.  Listed companies: the best tool for raising funds, which can be listed on major stock exchanges. 
  4.  Shipping company: The third largest flag country in the world, with a worldwide reputation for quality and management.


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