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INTERSHORES | Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department Moving To Kai Tak

The Inland Revenue Centre, a new dedicated building at Kai Tak Development Area for the Inland Revenue Department of Hong Kong, will be opened for use in late 2022. A majority of the offices of Units/Sections of the Inland Revenue Department will be relocated to the new building phase by phase commencing from 19 December 2022 as follows:


19 Dec 2022 - Unit 4   Field Audit & Investigation

28 Dec 2022 - Unit 2   Individuals Tax

28 Dec 2022 - Unit 3   Collection Enforcement Section (for individuals other than partnership cases) 

3 Jan 2023 - Unit 1   Profits Tax

3 Jan 2023 - Unit 3   Collection Enforcement Section (for corporation and partnership cases) and Inspection Section

9 Jan 2023 - CIR Unit  (Charitable Donations Section, Complaints Section, Appeals Section and Tax Treaty Section)

9 Jan 2023 - Unit 3   Stamp Office and Business Registration Office

9 Jan 2023 -  Headquarters Unit (Central Enquiry Counter)

May 2023 - Unit 3   Computer Back Up (Accounts) Section, Estate Duty Office, Refund Section and Tax 


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