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INTERSHORES I Top Reasons to Setup a Company in Hong Kong

1.   Located at the heart of Asia. Hong Kong enjoys an enviable location.  One can reach half of the world's population in just five (5) hours' flight time.  It  is strategically located at the heart of Asia, next to China and other Belt & Road countries easily.


2.   Setting up a business in Hong Kong is quick & easy.   Incorporation can be completed within a day.


3.   100% foreign ownership.There are no restrictions as to the nationality of the owner.


4.   No Foreign Exchange Control.


5.   Free flow of capital as an international financial centre.


6.   Can do and operate business anywhere in the world.


7.   Can open bank accounts anywhere in the world.


8.   No minimum capital requirement


9.   No need to visit Hong Kong for company registration.


10. One shareholder and The same person may fill both roles.


11.  The tax system is simple and lowwith the profits tax rate being only 16.5% on net profits (2018: First HK$2 million 8.25%, thereafter 16.5%).   No tax on foreign exchange,  No capital duty. Capital gains are not taxable.  No withholding tax on dividend distributions from a Hong Kong entity.


12.  Territorial tax system. Only HK-sourced income is subject to tax. 


13.  Loss allowed to set off against future profits. Loss attributable to a business that earns profits may be carried indefinitely and set off against future taxable profits.


14.  Excellent business infrastructure and facilities.


15.  English common law is adopted.e.the legal system is independent of China. It is a stable and predictable system.


16.  Mature workforce. Majority of the local workforce can speak English as well as Cantonese and Mandarin.


17.  Favorable conditions for economic relations with China.


Need Assistance

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