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INTERSHORES|Only TCSP Licensee With A Special Account Can Obtain Protected Information On The Companies Register Maintained By The Hong Kong Companies Registry From 24 Oct 2022 Under The New Inspection Regime Phase II



1.      Currently, the Companies Register (the Register) maintained by the Hong Kong Companies Registry (the Registry) contains personal information available for public inspection.  Such personal information includes, among other data, the usual residential addresses and full identification numbers (IDNs) of directors of companies, and full IDNs of company secretaries and some other individuals (such as liquidators and provisional liquidators) (Protected Information).  Similar personal information is also contained in the registers kept by companies which are open for public inspection.


2.      To enhance protection of sensitive personal information, while keeping up the transparency and usefulness of the Register, a New Inspection Regime of the Register under the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622) is being implemented in three phases from August 2021 through end-2023.


3.     On 16 August 2021, the Registry issued External Circular No. 1 / 2021, announcing the commencement of Phase 1 of the New Inspection Regime on 23 August 2021 which mainly concerns the disclosure of Protected Information on the registers kept by companies.


4.     On 19 August 2022, the Registry issued External Circular No. 3 / 2022 announcing the commencement of Phase 2 of the New Inspection Regime on 24 October 2022 which will affect searches on company information on the Register maintained by the Registry.


Under Phase 2, the Protected Information on the Index of Directors on the Register will be replaced with correspondence addresses and partial IDNs for public inspection.  Protected Information contained in documents filed for registration after commencement of Phase 2 will not be provided for public inspection.    Only "Specified Persons" can, however, apply to the Registry for access to Protected Information of directors and other persons.  On this, an External Circular No. 5/2022 has also been issued on 19 August 2022 which sets out the major changes in public search services upon the commencement of Phase 2 of the New Inspection Regime.


Disclosure Of Protected Information Under Phase 2

5.         From 24 October 2022, TCSP licensees will still be able to obtain Protected Information for the performance of their functions  through a Special Account (SA).  

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