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Singapore is a banking hub in Asia with major presence of many international banks whereby there is no foreign exchange controls.   Inward and outward remittances can be arranged in most international currencies to anywhere in the world safely.   As your business partner, INTERSHORES can assist you to open a business account in Singapore hassle-free with provision of the following:


Self Photos / Files - bullet point Free Banking Advisory From Corporate Governance Professional.  We walk with you from explanation of bank's requirements, documents consolidation and compliation, acting as the mediator between you and the bank officers (relationship manager and compliance team), follow through with status report till the result will be known.   

Self Photos / Files - bullet point Free Pre-approval Assessment.  We conduct full swing assessment as below to enhance the success rate.

Self Photos / Files - bullet point Guaranteed 100% success.  Zero risk to you.  If not successful, we refund.  

Self Photos / Files - bullet point Save You At Least 28 Quality Man Hours.  We review, filter, consolidate, compile and submit relevant documents to bank.   We are the upfront contact to answer bank's queries and act as a bridge between you and the bank officer at best effort to maximize the success rate. 

Self Photos / Files - bullet point Remote account opening, no traveling is needed.  We can open a business account without you to travel to Singapore.

Self Photos / Files - bullet point Muti-currencies account and online banking. You are assured to obtain a business account with major currencies (USD, EUR, AUD, JPN, etc.) with online banking services.


Who says non-resident customers can't open business account in Singapore?   INTERSHORES is at your service, do it for YOU, and remotely for YOU.   No matter whether your company is registered in Singapore or outside Singapore !   

Service Fee of Guaranteed Business Bank Account in Singapore starts at US$5,380.

No Success We Refund!


Remarks: the above fee applies to one (1 layer) structure. Additional fee may apply for more layers.


Your Benefits - We Guarantee Your Success  


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Free Zoom Conference Recommendation

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Get Free Approval Assessment

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Save At Least 28 Quality Man Hours

Before official engagement, a zoom conference is organized:


  • To have mutual understanding of your business details
  • To explain documentation required for bank account opening 
  • To preliminary evaluate your business model
  • To provide updated banking related information



To proceed, the following documents have to be provided to us for pre-approval assessment with bank:


  • Passport copy of ultimate beneficial owner(s) (UBO), shareholder(s) and director(s)
  • Address proof copy of usual place of residency of the above
  • Your company's basic statutory records
  • Your company's business plan


You will then be notified the result at around 7-10 working days subject to the complexity of the industry involved or/and business model.


If the result with bank is positive, we will need official engagement for account opening and invoice you.

Banks in Singapore take a more liberal approach in acceptance of customers.   However, they still need to comply with OECD's AML regulation.  You will save much of quality time for business development if supported by qualified professional in account opening.  In the official account opening process, we assist you:


  • To study your corporate background and its industry in order to present your company at best practice
  • To perform CDD on your business counterparties and make recommendation
  • To incorporate the 2 points above so as to modify and tailor your business plan
  • To filter, consolidate and compile relevant DD documents, statutory records, business plan, business proof and account application forms.   By then, submit to the bank 
  • To liaise with bank officer to address full details of your background and your company's business
  • To arrange KYC video conference between you and the bank officer
  • To liaise for additional documents requested by bank (depends on clients' status)
  • To answer question from bank
  • To follow up on the status with bank
  • To make regular reporting to you
  • To notify you the final result


At least 28 hours of quality work !

Why Us?


INTERSHORES has been the corporate services provider since 2006 and is the award winning Corporate Services firm from Lawyer Monthly in the UK.  


The banking team in-charge is a corporate governance professional and with credential at The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers.  We have team members who were ex bankers before and know bank's appetite. INTERSHORES' team knows bank's Know-Your-Client (KYC) requirement, compiles necessary statutory documents, scruitinizes relevant business proof for you and tailors the business plan based on your business model and according to bank's requirements.   


Since 2006, we have been assisting international clients to open and active accounts.  Given our utmost effort, the account opening approval rate is high.


No Success We Refund!  If banks reject your application upon provision of all the requested documents, we will refund to you. 





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