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Located at the southwestern part of Shenzhen Municipality, in China, the Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone"  has been developed since 2010 as a major demonstration zone for strengthening cooperation between Hong Kong and Shenzhen.  Even since its establishment, Qianhai Cooperation Zone has introduced various preferential policy measures for businessmen. Qianhai is positioned to "leveraging Hong Kong, serving China, and influencing the world" and becomes a gateway for entrepreneurs who want to tape China's Greater Bay Area, a city with a population of more than 86 million.



  • Tax incentives- Eligible companies that fit into the preferential catalogue of the 5 industries including modern logistics, information services, science & technology services, commercial services industries and cultural and creative industries are entitled to a reduced corporate income tax rate at 15%. Eligible overseas talents are entitled to reimbursement of the part of paid income tax that exceeds 15% of their total taxable income.
  • Cross-border RMB loans- Registered companies that have real operation or investments in Qianhai may apply for offshore Renminbi loans from Hong Kong based banks, with clearing done through local banking institutions in Shenzhen. 
  • Other preferential policies- office space, industry introduction incentives, investment promotion incentives, headquarters enterprise landing incentives.



  • No registered capital - Except for financial company (such as Qianhai financial leasing or fund management companies, which should follow regulation in Shenzhen, China), most industries do not have minimum registered capital requirements in Qianhai. In addition, you can decide the capital paid up timeline and document it on the constitutional documents ( No need to pay immediately).


      For example: you can state 'the company's registered capital of RMB500,000 must be paid in full within 30 years from the date of issuance

      of the business license' on the Memorandum & Articles of Association.


  • Business scope- must comply with the "Qianhai Industry Access Catalog" (QIAC). Basically, any business that is not on the negative list as prescribed by QIAC can be established.
  • Company management- legal persons, shareholders, directors, supervisors, general managers and other information (at least 2 individuals are required. Legal person, shareholder and director can be the same person.  Supervisor must be another person).
  • Company name- consists of location, trade name, and industry  i.e. Shenzhen (Qianhai) + trade name + industry + Co., Ltd.


      For example: Shenzhen (Qianhai) Kaixin Consulting  Co., Ltd.


  • Registered address- operating address/office in Qianhai. 


      For example, Needo Business Centre in Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Trade and Logistics Town.



1.   Bookkeeping and tax: To file the tax return with the state and local tax authority monthly (for small enterprises, quarterly tax return filing is needed) when the tax registration certificate is issued.

2.   Employee's social security.

3.   Submission of annual report from 1 Mar to 30 June every year.


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