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INTERSHORES | CBiBank's Graphical Flow In Trading and ECommerce

As an offshore bank located in Puerto Rico, USA, CBiBank provides global payment & collection services.  CBiBank’s offshore account has the following advantages:


1.   Flexible fund transfer: the offshore account is a good vehicle for countries with foreign exchange control.

2.   Tax optimization: offshore operation, funds enter into jurisdiction as and when needed.

3.   Information protection : CBiBank has its account protection system that keeps your account far from getting frozen.


Global collection and payment:

1.  Standard payment collection path: CBiBank’s banking system follows US investment bank standard. It supports full business transactions from investment or financing, good and service trade, etc.).

2.   Trade payment collection path: CBiBank assists inter-company physical goods trading withdrawal and collection.

3.  European and American e-commerce collections: CBiBank supports Amazon, eBay and other US, Canada, and European store platforms to receive payments. Supporting currencies include USD, EUR, and GBP.

4.   Haitao collection path: CBiBank support e-commerce platforms such as: Jingdong International, Tmall International. It supports international corporate transfer and ACH collection in the United States.


CBiBank offers one-stop solutions:

- E-commerce financial services: E-commerce payment collection as well as UnionPay.  CBiBank supports mainstream e-commerce in North America.

- Comprehensive financial services for foreign trade enterprises: overseas supplier & customer payment, European and American e-commerce transaction payments, corporate wealth management, company-to-individual transfer, and salary payment for overseas staff.


Graphical flow of CBiBank in trading and ecommerce transaction:

We outline the role of CBiBank in trading (with export license or as an export agency) and e-commerce transactions as per attached graphical presentation at the bottom of this page.


If you want to open an account with CBiBank, please contact us:


Whatsapp : (852) 6499 4686

Phone : (852) 2186 6936

Email :



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