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ABC Banking Corporation Limited is a Mauritius bank which obtains its banking license since 2010.  It currently offers a wide range of products and services including current accounts, saving accounts, term deposits, card services, leasing, housing loans & personal loans, term loans and revolving credit as well as trade finance services such as bank guarantee, letter of credit, import & export loans, collection document for import & export.


The bank has been providing international banking services to international businessmen and high net-worth international clientele.


The international banking team consists of professional, dedicated and highly experienced staff who provide valuable banking services for personal or business needs.  Their products and services have been designed to competitively suit the highly demanding banking needs as below:


1.   Easiest and fastest way of offshore account opening.  Opening of accounts for international business corporation, trust, foundation, non-resident individuals & other corporate vehicles and foreign companies.  Account opening process takes 2 days maximum once all required documents are provided.


2.   Range of multi-currency accounts.  Opening of accounts in all major currencies.  All the correspondent banks are international banks.


3.   Free internet banking.  Free and secured internet banking (both view only and transactional options are available)


4.   MasterCard Debit Card.  Recognized and accepted at over 30 million merchant locations and over 1.9 million ATMs worldwide in more than 210 countries and territories.


5.   Attractive FX Deals.  Competitive rate for spot, forward and swaps in all currencies.


6.   Highly remunerated fixed deposit in foreign currencies.  Attractive rates for fixed deposit in foreign currencies. 


7.   International remittances.  All inward remittances are free of charge.Transfer in more than 100 exotic currencies. 


8.   Extended cut-off time.  Upto 3:30p.m. and even later on a case by case basis for international transfers.


9.   Extended cut-off time for international remittances without any additional costs.


10.  Additional services

i.     Payroll services – processing of bulk payment and salary processing same day value at competitive rate.

ii.    Standing orders. 

iii.   Derivatives. 

iv.   Money market. 

v.    Trade finance. 


Need Assistance

INTERSHORES is the official introducer of ABC Banking Corporation Limited.   Please do not hesitate to contact INTRESHORES at or by whatsapp at (852) 6499 4686.


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