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INTERSHORES I The British Virgin Islands (BVI) Bank Powered Up For Its New Chapter Of Growth

With motto of Change the Way People Bank, Bank of Asia in British Virgin Islands has launched its new logo in February 2021 marked a new period of growth for the institution.  The bank has been granted a General Banking License since 2016, being the last banking license issued by the BVI government,  With the banking license, Bank of Asia is able to offer services to both BVI business community and global clients.  The bank has tapped into services and products beyond the traditional core banking services to raise the profile of the BVI in the global financial services market.


The Bank is looking to bring its financial products and banking services to the local market.  All-in-one Digital Banking Services  such as term deposits at an attractive rate of up to 2%p.a., mobile payment and e-Wallets; Wealth Management and Investment Services (securities trading, private banking, asset & portfolio management, insurance, international real estate investment); Special Customized Services (private fund, capital market advice, bespoken structured solution, specialized private fund, lifestyle services).  It is expected that it will also launch Digital Assets Offerings.


Chairman and Founder of the Bank, Mr. Carson Wen commented that the bank has firmly established itself as a go-to bank for offshore companies as well as those looking for new fintech-enabled services.   It is acknowledged that customers from 33 jurisdictions chose to use the bank for its services.


Whatsapp : (852) 6499 4686

Phone : (852) 2186 6936

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