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INTERSHORES I How Are BVI Used in Asia?

Over the past 25 years, the BVI has become a tried and tested conduit for overseas capital entering Asia, offering legal certainty, general ease of doing business and tax efficiency. Investors benefit from British-based law, a wide pool of professional service providers, local creditor friendly legislation, and an effective judicial system of registering charges. 


Example of Using BVI Companies

“A group of international investors identifies a Chinese infrastructure developer that needs capital for a series of projects. They set up an international business company in the BVI as a holding structure and deposit the money, supplementing it with bank loans. The funds are then routed to the Chinese developer and the projects get up and running. Profit travels back to the BVI structure in the form of dividend payments that are distributed among the investors.”


How do I incorporate a BVI Company?

With more than one million total incorporations and about 5000 new companies registered every month, the BVI is by far the most popular offshore company domicile. The BVI’s offshore corporate legislation with the BVI Business Companies Act offers a unified type of company - a BVI Business Company. The BVI Business Company provides familiarity, flexibility, cost-efficiency, ease of use and versatility.


BVI companies can also be registered using company names with Chinese characters.


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